Year 6

International Women’s Day

In Year 6 Camden Town the children have been learning about International Women’s Day, why the day exists and who are some of the notable women in history and today.

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Year 6 Golders Green Virtual Poetry Anthologies

For Book Week, Year 6 Golders Green created their own virtual poetry anthologies. They spent the week collecting poetry that they liked using the app SeeSaw. They then used CoSpaces to create a virtual reality world with their collected poetry on display throughout it – allowing viewers to virtually explore the anthology that they had created. Finally, they made 3D model eyes with each one having a unique QR code on its pupil that can be scanned to access their virtual poetry antholology.

Year 6 Golders Green virtual poetry anthologies – links

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Islington Computing Celebration

A group of seven Year 6 children went to the Islington Computing Celebration at the Emirates Stadium – invited as special guests with Mr Goymer to join a celebration of the work of over 400 children from 40 different schools in Islington. The children represented West Hill in showcasing a computing project that they have worked on at school – we showed our work using the Sphero robots that have been programmed to draw and describe different geometric shapes. They excelled at demonstrating and explaining their work to not only other children, but also many adults. They even started teaching others how to code using the Sphero technology. The children also got the opportunity to see other schools’ projects as well as activities from educational technology and computing companies. Everyone who met the children were impressed with not only their computing skills, but their eloquence and confidence. 

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Design and Technology

Year 6 carried out a DT project over three days this week. In groups, they had to design, create and run their own pop-up cafes (selling cakes and treats that they had made themselves). Their pop-up cafes opened for one afternoon only in the lower hall for customers made up of parents and children from other year groups. There were four different cafes for customers to choose from – all with their own individual branding. The cafes raised a total of £77.47 during one hour of business!

Charlie, Hanifa, Jayden, Sanya, Quba, Chad, Hamza, Niyah and Diver-23 Photo 04-01-2018, 09 27 31 Photo 04-01-2018, 09 34 10 Photo 04-01-2018, 09 56 47 Photo 04-01-2018, 10 00 23 Photo 04-01-2018, 10 30 42 Photo 04-01-2018, 10 32 04IMG_9902IMG_9874IMG_9880IMG_9888IMG_9889IMG_9890IMG_9891IMG_9893IMG_9894IMG_9897IMG_9898IMG_9900


Year 6 have had a series of lessons on programming using Sphero – a robotic ball. They have coded Sphero to draw out various 2D shapes whilst it also ‘speaks’ and tells you about some of the properties of the shape.

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Graffiti Workshop

Year 6 took part in a workshop about how it ruins our environment and this led to a drama performance that the pupils presented to the Year 4 pupils. Here are some photos:

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