Year 3


Kick London are building up our pupils’ gymnastic skills!

IMG_0624 IMG_0629 IMG_0632

Paper Making

In November year 3 had a special visitor to the classroom who showed them how to make paper. They had a go at making it themselves too!

img_4338 img_4339 img_4358 img_4359 img_4361 img_4365 img_4369 img_4371 img_4372


Year 3 have been learning about fossils and how they are created. To give them a greater understanding they had a go at making them themselves!

img_4201 img_4205 img_4206 img_4211

Getting Active

Year 3 Yew class were getting active this week with our specialist PE teacher, dancing to Justin Timberlake! As you can see they had loads of fun!

img_0095 img_0096 img_0098 img_0099 img_0104 img_0106 img_0107 img_0109 img_0110

A New School Year

Year 3 are settling into lessons well and refreshing their mathematical skills in these photos.

img_0325 img_0327