Year 2


Year 2 used whiteboards to find fractions of amounts. The denominator told them how many sections to split the board into and the numerator told them how many sections to circle, which gave them the answer.

IMG_2484 IMG_2486 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2493
































Year 2 have been learning about lines of symmetry

IMG_2474 IMG_2475














Year 2 have been practising their mathematical operations by using counters.

IMG_2351 IMG_2357 IMG_2360 IMG_2363 IMG_2377 IMG_2392 IMG_2401 IMG_2419


Year 2 worked hard on creating portraits of Queen Victoria to tie in with their Enquiry Curriculum topic of the Victorians

IMG_2283 IMG_2284 IMG_2285 IMG_2289 IMG_2305 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2316

Design and Technology

Year 2 have been learning about Victorian Britain and we linked this with a recent DT project to make a bag. The children put a huge amount of work into creating a bag for Queen Victoria. Here are some photos:

IMG_2250 IMG_2252 IMG_2254 IMG_2255 IMG_2260 IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2265 IMG_2272 IMG_2276 IMG_2279


Year 2  collected data about each other. They used Google Forms on the iPads for this. They then used their data to create pictograms using the laptops.

IMG_9684 IMG_9685 IMG_9686 IMG_9687 IMG_9688

Literacy and Baking!

Year 2 have been writing instructions in Literacy lessons. Some of our pupils used the instructions they had written with EMAG teacher Mrs O’Brien to make jam tarts!

IMG_0089 IMG_0090 IMG_0091 IMG_0092 IMG_0093 IMG_0094 IMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098 IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101