Year 1


Year 1 are having a brilliant time in gymnastics with our specialist gymnastics teacher from Kick London.

IMG_0633 IMG_0651 IMG_0653 IMG_0654

Enquiry Curriculum

Year 1 recently enjoyed a visit to the Wetlands Centre as part of their topic on rivers. They saw otters and many different species of birds and insects in their natural habitat. Here are some photos:

IMG_0466 IMG_0502 IMG_0497 IMG_0496 IMG_0488 IMG_0487 IMG_0481


Year 1 have been making Christmas trees for their display!

img_0219 img_0222 img_0223 img_0225 img_0227

Recycling Workshop

Year 1 had the opportunity to take part in a recycling workshop in November and learnt how materials can be reused instead of being thrown away. They made their own superheroes out of them!

img_0533 img_0534 img_0536 img_0537

img_0175 img_0176 img_0178 img_0179 img_0180 img_0181 img_0182 img_0184 img_0185


A little taster of what Year 1 have started the year with in Numeracy:

img_0111 img_0159 img_0182

A New School Year

Our new year 1 classes are settling in well and working on their class charters and rights and responsibilities for their classrooms.

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