As part of our Safeguarding Duty we at West Hill will always put the welfare of the children first.

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Safeguarding at West Hill Primary School

Everyone’s Responsibility

At West Hill Primary school the staff and governors are committed to their statutory duty and responsibility to safeguard all pupils. This is made possible by promoting and providing a safe, secure, positive environment where help and support for pupils’ physical, mental health and well- being enables all pupils to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and to be protected from harm. This commitment is illustrated by our school vision.

‘Ready to learn, inspired to succeed, prepared for life.’

West Hill is a Rights Respecting school that places children’s rights at the centre of policy and procedures. Please see the United Nations Charter for the Rights of the Child here. The school also actively promotes, through teaching and learning opportunities, British Values the Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty and the Mutual respect and tolerance of others faith and beliefs and of those without faith. These are referenced in assemblies, special events and subject areas across the curriculum.

Safeguarding Leads Role Name
Designated safeguarding lead Anna Healy
Designated safeguarding lead Lisa Carmen 
Designated safeguarding deputy Sarah Feeney 
Designated safeguarding deputy & LAC (Looked After Children) Natalie Caraccio  
Nominated governor for safeguarding and child protection Brian Varney

Statutory Duty

There is a statutory duty and responsibility placed upon schools to ensure that procedures are followed for the care of pupils. This duty involves ‘working together’ with other agencies and services both nationally and locally. This duty is identified and explained in the following documents.

Working together :

Keeping children safe in education 2018 : Keeping children safe in education


Local guidance : Wandsworth Children’s Safeguarding Board:

These duties are made explicit and are reviewed annually via our safeguarding and child protection policy:

Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy

At the beginning of each academic year staff are updated on any relevant changes to working together and keeping children safe in education- Part one of the document Keeping Children Safe is read by all staff and signed as understood.

There are other relevant school polices which contribute to the school’s Safeguarding and child protection policy. These include for example, the Anti-Bullying Policy, The Behaviour policy, Staff Code of Conduct, the Online Safety policy. These are referenced in the appendices of the Safeguarding and Child Protection policy available here:

Staff training

September 2018 – On INSET day staff were updated by the Head teacher on the changes to the Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018 and were reminded of the key duties and it is everyone’s responsibility for action to be taken in relation to safeguarding duties with a, ‘it could happen here’ approach to those duties. All staff receive introductory and refresher safeguarding training at least every 1-2 years. This format is in line with national and local safeguarding board expectations. New staff appointed during the year complete the online introduction to safeguarding training provided by Wandsworth Borough TPD. This is a certificated training. Training on specific safeguarding is also provided by out of Borough certified agencies. Staff also receive safeguarding updates across the year and are provided with necessary training opportunities as required by local and national guidance.

Visitors and Volunteers

Visitors, volunteers and external service contractors are provided with guidance and instructions for safeguarding pupils at West Hill.

Designated Leads Training and Supervision

Designated members of staff for safeguarding attend regular enhanced training to enable them to carry out their roles effectively, annually as appropriate. The leads also receive half-termly group supervision to support them in their role and to share and learn from case work experience.

Safer Recruitment

At West Hill we ensure that safer recruitment remains a priority under our safeguarding arrangements. Key leadership staff and governors have been trained in safer recruitment and all adults who work with children must have Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

Safeguarding Processes- Working together- Early Help

Where a cause for concern arises for a pupil the school will consult with and share concerns with parents and work together as appropriate. However, in line with the school’s safeguarding duty there maybe occasion for direct consultation and referral to either Children Services or the police.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 states

‘Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later’

Early Help relies upon local agencies to work together to:

 Identify children and families who would benefit from Early Help

 Undertake assessment of need for Early Help

 Identify and provide Early Help services to focus on actions to significantly improve the outcomes for the child.

At West Hill, Early Help is supported by:

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) based upon the signs of safety process implemented by Wandsworth Early Help Team.

What Happens:-

· Staff work with a parent (s) or child or both together to gather information and build a picture of what is happening for a child or for a family.

· Identifying what is going well for the child or family (strengths) and what might be worrying or concerning (concerns) for the child or family.

· The assessment helps staff to identify needs, develop an action plan and set goals for the child or family .

· The assessment is shared ,with the parent’s consent where given, to enable other services to work with the child or family and is used as a tool for referral into these services when required.

· The actions and outcomes for the child or family are monitored by Team around the Child or Team around the Family meetings.

For further information and /or support:

Wandsworth Safeguarding Children Board

Family Information Service :

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children:

If you are worried  or concerned about a child you can phone

Initial Point of Contact (IPOC)

020 8871 6622

Or email


For a printable copy of our Safeguarding Statement please click on the link below:

West Hill Primary School Safeguarding Statement 2018

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The NSPCC have a very good website providing you with guidance about how to keep your children safe. You can access it by clicking here.

They also give advice about how to inform your child about how they can keep themselves safe. Click here for resources.