Rights Respecting School

West Hill is a Rights respecting school and has achieved level 1 as prescribed by the United Nations Charter for the Rights of the Child.







Rights are the basic human needs and values that apply or should apply to everyone.

With rights come responsibilities, including -

Children: The responsibility to respect the rights of others.

Parents and Carers: To respect and provide for the rights of their children.

Governments: To support families and to respect and provide for the rights of the child.

In a Rights Respecting school, children learn to associate rights with needs and distinguish between their rights and ‘wants’. They learn that if they have rights, they need to respect the rights of others.

At the beginning of each new school year, each class creates a ‘Charter’ or our ‘Rights’ and ‘Responsibilities’.  The charters are written collaboratively between the teachers and the children.











In September 2015 a statutory duty to teach British Values was placed on schools by the Government. Please click on the document below which explains how West Hill carries this out.

Values Teaching at West Hill