The reception children have kicked off the new term with a variety of different activities. Here are some photos:

IMG_1020 IMG_1026 IMG_1033 IMG_1034 IMG_1035 IMG_1036



Following a visit from our local fire brigade the children embarked on an art project inspired by what they learnt from the visit. The children made pictures using various shapes which they then talked about with the teacher and they also spoke about how the fire engine is used.

IMG_0874 IMG_0877 IMG_0878 IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0883 IMG_0886 IMG_0887



















































The Reception children have been practising their writing and counting skills:

IMG_0724 IMG_0726 IMG_0731 IMG_0736


























They have also been very artistic!



IMG_0633 IMG_0637 IMG_0639 IMG_0646 IMG_0649 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0657


































































Our Reception children have been very busy engaging in so many new activities. Here is a selection of photos to show what they have been doing in September.

IMG_2813 IMG_2817 IMG_4149 IMG_4159 IMG_4161 IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4179 IMG_4189 IMG_4198 IMG_4220 IMG_4225 IMG_4234 IMG_4244 IMG_4254 IMG_8856