PGL School Journey

In Year 6 our pupils attend a three day, two night residential trip to PGL at Windmill Hill. This trip is scheduled to take place from 30th September to 2nd October in 2019.

A sample itinerary of activities is as follows:

Day 1: Afternoon session – canoeing and abseiling; evening session – campfire

Day 2 – Morning session – aeroball, zip-wire; afternoon session – raft-building, sensory trail

Day 3 – Morning session – Jacob’s ladder, problem solving










Hopefully you will find all the information you need about the trip here and you can also visit the PGL website for more information.


Parent consent form





Frequently Asked Questions

Can we take valuables?

We strongly recommend that all valuables such as mobile phones, computer games, jewellery etc. are left at home. We realise most guests will want to bring their mobile phones with them, but please be aware that mobile phones are not covered by our insurance.

Does my child need to take any pocket money?

Children are welcome to bring some pocket money with them for their stay. Our centres provide gift shops where they can purchase branded and non-branded goods, including stationery, T-shirts, caps and confectionery.


What activities will my child be doing?

All PGL’s adventure activities take place under the instruction and guidance of specially trained PGL instructors who prioritise safety above all else. Activities take place on land, on the water and in the air (for our rope-based challenges), so each brings a different (and fun!) way for children to challenge themselves in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. The final activity programme will be agreed with the Party Leader a few weeks before travel but you can see a full list of activities on each centre page on the website, along with a full description and photos.

Can PGL cater for special diets?

Yes – if we know requirements in advance we can provide for most special diets. We ask Party Leaders to inform us of any dietary requirements a few weeks before travel and we can arrange for our chefs to contact parents directly to discuss any concerns they may have.

There are freshly-prepared hot or cold options available at every mealtime and a self-service salad bar for children to help themselves to as much salad as they like at lunch and dinner. Homemade soup is available most days and there is plenty of bread and fresh fruit available, as well as hot and cold drinks.

What is the accommodation like?

At Windmill Hill we have lodges with en suite rooms, sleeping 5-6

Are the staff DBS checked?

Yes, for all staff the Disclosure and Barring Service* (DBS) ‘Barred List’ is checked and an ‘Enhanced’ check is applied for.

Are the activity instructors qualified?

Yes, all our instructors are carefully selected, highly trained and meet the requirements laid down by national governing bodies, including The Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), The British Activity Providers Association (BAPA) and the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC).

Can I contact my child while they are away?

For many children, part of the learning experience is about being away from home, sometimes for the first time. We would ask parents to allow their children to settle in and enjoy the experience.

If you need to contact your child urgently, we will of course organise this. However please bear in mind that many of our sites are very large and your child may be a long way from the phone when you call.

My child can’t swim, can they still take part?

You must inform the Party Leader of your child’s swimming ability. Water confidence is adequate for some activities and we will make alternative arrangements so that your child does not miss out.

It’s my child’s birthday whilst they are away, can you help them celebrate?

If the Party Leader is aware of this, we will be happy to arrange a birthday card and a V.I.P sticker entitling the birthday boy or girl to special privileges throughout the day; for example queue jumping for meals and activities. Happy Birthday will be sung during the day in an appropriate place.

Can my child access WiFi during their stay?

No – we provide Wi-Fi in certain areas of our centres for Party Leaders and supervising adults only. Teachers often use the Wi-Fi for sending updates to parents and the school.

We would strongly recommend that mobile phones are left at home as these are not covered by our insurance policy and their use is prohibited in many areas of the site.

What will my child learn on a PGL Trip?

For activity-based trips in the UK, children overcome a series of challenges in the great outdoors to develop resilience, confidence and the motivation to succeed. The residential experience itself brings a whole range of additional benefits to the personal development of young people. Children will be sharing living and sleeping space, eating together and tackling the day’s adventures together, which encourages respect for others, tolerance and better self-awareness.

Many of PGL’s study-based and language courses have specific links to the curriculum too. Developed alongside the Party Leader to meet specific learning objectives, many of our study and language courses combine adventure activities with cultural excursions or classroom-based teaching, to inspire a passion for learning and improve motivation when children are back at school.

We are continually developing our courses to offer the best learning opportunities for young people and we work with organisations such as the Council for Learning Outside The Classroom and the Real World Learning Campaign Partnership to share expertise and ensure standards are kept consistently high.

Are there first aid facilities at the centre?

PGL has first aid cover available at all centres. Any other medication required will be supplied and administered by the Party Leader.

In an emergency, centre staff will assist in calling an ambulance to transport the ill or injured guest to hospital. For non-emergencies, centre staff will normally arrange transport by taxi to the appropriate medical facility.