We are a non-shouting school

At West Hill we have a non-shouting policy. In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with noise which can be very stressful for children. Furthermore, in a noisy environment children struggle to listen and cannot concentrate properly.

When a child is being shouted at they do not hear what is being said to them, they only hear the noise. It also increases the chances that the child will shout back as they find the situation stressful.

By keeping our voices at normal levels we are teaching the children how to treat everyone around them with respect and how to speak respectfully to others. This also teaches them skills that they will need later in life: problem solving, negotiation and co-operation.

This is a consistent approach throughout West Hill so that the children can feel comfortable and happy at school and enjoy strong relationships with their teachers. This results in a welcoming and nurturing environment which creates a good learning atmosphere for our children with the minimum of distractions.


_N8A6647At West Hill we have very high expectations of behaviour.  All children are supported to make the right choices and be responsible for their actions.  To support outstanding behaviour throughout the school, teachers and children co-write charters that outline the agreed behaviour expectations.  The charters are written as a list of rights and corresponding responsibilities to be upheld by all.

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Ofsted report 2011

The highly positive ethos that results from the outstanding care that pupils receive enables them to develop a clear set of personal values. They work and play harmoniously and say ‘we get on brilliantly’… behaviour is outstanding. Pupils report that there is no bullying and know that there will always b