Attendance Awards

Benny the ‘Be There’ Badger

Benny the Badger  encourages the children to come to school everyday. In assembly the class that had the best attendance for the previous week are awarded Benny the Badger. He stays with the class in their lessons and goes to lunch and play with them. The children write a diary for Benny which is shared with the school.

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The class that have the best attendance for the half term are invited to attend a tea party with Benny, which takes place in the staff room.

Here are some photos of a tea party for Year 5 in February








IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2779



















The bicycle award

Throughout the year every child’s attendance is monitored, If a child achieves 95% attendance in a term, they have the chance to win a new bicycle in the end of year draw.



Anisha in Year 3 with Benny the Badger and her brand new bike!