• Every child is expected to attend school everyday with a minimum expectation of 95%
  • All children should arrive in school at 8:50am
  • Individual attendance is monitored daily
  • Class attendance is monitored weekly
  • To encourage excellent attendance, the class with the highest weekly attendance is rewarded by Benny the Badger spending the following week in class compiling a diary of his activities.  At the end of each half term the class with the highest overall attendance celebrates with a Benny the Badger tea party.
benny 1

Benny with Year and pretending to be ready to go into space with Tim Peake!

benny 2




















  • At the end of the school year any child who has achieved 95% attendance each term goes into a raffle to win a brand new bike.
  • Should pupils be absent due to sickness, parents and carers are expected to phone the office on the first day of illness.
  • School attendance meetings are held for reception age children where attendance has become a cause for concern.  This is a supportive meeting between the Education Welfare Officer, school nurse, pastoral lead and parents/carers.
  • School attendance panel meetings are held for year 1 – year 6 pupils where attendance has become a cause for concern.  This is a meeting between the head teacher, education welfare officer, pastoral lead and parents/carers.
  • Leave of absence during term time is subject to approval by the Head Teacher and School Governors and is only authorised in extenuating circumstances.
  • Attendance for the Academic Year 2013-14 was 95.1%


Punctuality is so important for your child’s learning. Please read about our special Polly the Punctuality Parrot by clicking on the link below.

Polly the Punctuality Parrot