West Hill is a very well resourced school.  Every child at West Hill has access to technology such as: ipads, lap tops, Mac books, cameras and programmable devices.  In addition to this, every classroom is fitted with either a smart board or interactive C touch screens.

ict suite







We  have an ICT suite with 30 computers. To ensure we are providing the best possible learning opportunities and ‘up skilling’ our staff, we employ a part time IT specialist teacher who ‘team teaches’ with the class teachers in each year group. We have a large stock of ipads which we use in a variety of ways in our learning.

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Our library was opened in 2014. The pupils have a lovely, comfortable space in which to choose and read their books.

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At West Hill we provide a unique space for personalised learning (S4PL).  Formally a ground floor hall, the S4PL was designed in collaboration with the children to provide a bespoke learning space that encouraged collaborative, child led learning.




















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Mr Hilliard, Teacher supporting English and Maths

Mr Hilliard, Teacher supporting English and Maths

Every child at West Hill has access to our comprehensive reading library.  As part of our reading curriculum, every child is given a reading book that is of an appropriate level for their reading to take home each day in their PACT folders.  Their reading books are changed as necessary during guided reading sessions.  Children also have access to reading books in the classroom that they can borrow and exchange independently.



Year 6 Maths Group

Year 6 Maths Group

To support learning in maths, we provide children visual maths aids along with maths equipment to meet the needs of the curriculum and many software programs used both in lessons and for homework.

We are also very well resourced in terms of adult support.  Every class has at least one teaching assistant supporting learning during the morning.