Enabling Enterprise

Enabling Enterprise Partner School KitemarkThis is our exciting project that involves pupils in key stage 1 & 2.  Through termly enterprise projects the children will develop skills such as: Leadership, collaboration, team building, problem solving and aiming high. In previous years the children in years 4, 5 & 6 have taken part in the EE project and had the opportunity to visit businesses like Management consultancy, Oliver Wyman, in the city.  The children benefitted greatly from these projects and took the initiative to run their own enterprise projects back in school. There are also Challenge Days which are held within the school for both Key Stages and which provide an exciting and engaging way for the school to work together and use their enterprise skills.

Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day

On 25th May we held another Challenge Day at West Hill. You can read all about it here.

The Challenge Day started with an assembly to share the challenge and students’ expert tips on how to Aim High. Over the course of the day, students used their Working in a Team skills to design a brand-new sport that promoted a sense of community. By looking at current, popular sports, the students developed an understanding of how surfaces, equipment and people affect gameplay. Throughout the day, they also considered how sports can not only challenge a player’s physical ability but also put their essential skills to the test, such as Aiming High and Staying Positive.

IMG_0984 IMG_0978 IMG_0977 IMG_0975 IMG_0973 IMG_0971 IMG_0970

Year 6 Challenge Day at General Electric






Through our continuing partnership with Enabling Enterprise Year 6 Golders Green class visited General Electric offices in May 2018  to take on a marketing challenge for the day. This enabled them to use their creative and imaginative skills as well to develop their enterprise and business acumen during the challenge. They also had the opportunity to tour the offices and find out about other functions of the business world. You can read the full report on the Enabling Enterprise website.


Year 5 Challenge Day at White Stuff

In May 2017 both Year 5 classes visited White Stuff, a fashion and lifestyle retailer to take the helm in a challenge to create a whole new shopping attraction. They also had the chance to talk to White Stuff employees about the different careers on offer in retail.

There is a full account of their visit on the Enabling Enterprise website. Please click here.

Year 4 & 5 Challenge Day: Future Transport

Year 4 and Year 5 had the opportunity to put their skills to the test with an extra Challenge Day. This time they would not be working with their usual classmates, but in mixed teams of Year 4 and 5 pupils. The students used this opportunity to show themselves and their teachers how well their teamwork and resilience has come along.

Ronnie the Robot from the year 3030 has been sent back to 2016 with a special challenge – to design, make and test a new type of transport for the ever changing environments of the future. The Year 4 & Year 5 students worked in teams to analyse the different environments including an ice city and an overcrowded and polluted urban area. Using inspiration from existing modes of transport, films, books and animals, the teams designed their transport to a strict set of success criteria for space, mobility, appearance and adaptability. Using an array of junk modelling and subsequent Problem Solving tactics, the teams then created their prototypes to present to the class in the hope of scoring high on the criteria checklist.

To see a full write up of their day please click here.


Year 4 Trip to DNV GL

DNV GL are an international maritime business with over 100 years of experience in shipping, research and renewable energy. In their London premises  within minutes’ walk from the iconic building The Shard, a wide range of volunteers were on hand to help the budding entrepreneurs from Year 4 hone in on Problem Solving and Using Imagination skills. You can see how they got on by clicking here.


Challenge Day

In January West Hill Pupils were set the challenge of helping to find the infamous Sugar Snatcher who had been raiding chocolate supplies in local schools. Shockingly, the Sugar Snatcher had struck again, this time stealing chocolate from their school canteen. The detectives of West Hill had to sort through evidence in a crime scene, look at CCTV footages and investigate fingerprints to decide who was responsible for the dastardly crime!

Our pupils were on the case immediately, using their Working in a Team, Listening Carefully and Problem Solving skills to analyse all the evidence. They used all the information they found to shortlist only the clues they thought were relevant to their case. The enterprising investigators then had to create an evidence board to present to the case officer, which will prove which one of the suspects was guilty!

Click here to read a report by Enabling Enterprise about the day.

Here are some photos.

IMG_1003 IMG_0998 IMG_1005 IMG_1013 IMG_1014 IMG_1016

Thames Water

Year 4 pupils had a visit to Thames Water in October for their latest business challenge and to help make the link between the enterprise skills they are developing in the classroom and how they are used in the working world. The trip included the chance to work with volunteers from the business, as well as taking part in a game to give a flavour of the industry.




Our Year 3 pupils had their very first Enabling Enterprise trip this October when they spent the day at Gumtree in Richmond. With volunteers from Gumtree as their clients, students were tasked with the challenge of inventing an innovative gadget that would solve one of their day-to-day problems. You can read a full report of their day here.


In September a group of Year 5 West Hill pupils visited the RBS Group in Feltham to take up a challenge called Invest for Success. They worked as investment bankers for the day and a full report is available to read here.

y5 enabling enterprise rbs


City University London

A mixed group of West Hill pupils visited City University in June and  were set the challenge of planning the perfect event for students at City University with another primary school. They had to collaborate in teams to work on their ideas, listen to the needs of their clients, use their imagination to come up with innovative ideas and solve problems along the way. Click here for the report from Enabling Enterprise.

Year 5 Social Enterprise Challenge

As a way of examining our society, the pupils in Year 5 were challenged with designing a social enterprise that would help a group in need of help within our society. Having learnt what a social enterprise is, they then focused on their ability to solve problems and aimed high for the biggest impact on society. All of the teams demonstrated great teamwork as they shared their ideas, collaborating to solve their chosen problem. The end of day trade fair was a fantastic culmination of all the work they had done during the day. Here is the link to the Enabling Enterprise report of the day and here are some photos:


  • Photo 26-06-2015 13 55 55
  • Photo 26-06-2015 13 55 58
  • Photo 26-06-2015 14 35 03
  • Photo 26-06-2015 14 40 44
  • Photo 26-06-2015 14 41 52
  • Photo 26-06-2015 14 47 32
  • Photo 26-06-2015 14 51 25



Year 4 at Aimia

In June some pupils from Year 4 visited Aimia which created the Nectar Card for Sainsbury’s. Their challenge was to redesign and manufacture new business cards. You can read all about their day by clicking here.




Year 4 at the London Business School

In April West Hill pupils spent the day working with another primary school in teams to design, manufacture and finally present their version of a new business card for LBS. You can read all about their day by clicking here



Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day – A Day in Politics

Before Easter West Hill had another very successful challenge day. With the general election looming it was a good time for the pupils to explore the mechanisms of democracy and have a chance to advocate for issues that affect them. By working in teams and effectively sharing their ideas the pupils took on the role of political leaders and challenge for victory in a real election.The pupils investigated the concepts of democracy, experiencing first-hand how to stand out on the campaign trail. They worked with representation from all of the different year groups in every team and pulled together to share brilliant political speeches at their end of day hustings. Every team did a great job of using their imagination to put the right spin on their ideas and used their problem solving skills to stand up and debate with the other teams on key issues such as free school meals.





Year 6 at UBS






Year 6 visited UBS in February to take on the world of finance. The students learnt about how risk and benefit is important in the world of finance. Set with the task of setting up a sweet shop, teams had to manage their loan by identifying the risk and benefits of buying from different sweet companies. After a year of trading, the success of each sweet was revealed, allowing the students to work out their profit and present their financial report to the judges. To read Enabling Enterprise’s report of their visit, please click here.

Year 5 at the Walkie Talkie Building with RSA Insurance






Year 5 had an exciting challenge at RSA in February  to work as event planners to come up with ideas for a special party to thank RSA employees for all their hard work. To read the Enabling Enterprise report of their day, please click here.

Year 5 at Forward Internet Group

At the beginning of October, ten Year 5 pupils visited the Forward Internet Group in Camden to plan three exciting employee award events. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Photo 09-10-2014 13 04 57

Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day: Business in a Day

y1 leaderPupils at West Hill had a very exciting day on 19th June, when they took part in their second Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day, this time to form their own company to sell souvenirs of their school! To do this successfully they had to work in teams to design, create and promote their own products whilst managing the finances carefully to ensure they made a profit. The first stage of the challenge was to decide what each team’s company name should be, so they had to work well together from the very start. It was incredible to see some young leaders, from Year 1 up, rise to the challenge of organising their teams and making sure everyone was happy with their choices. Next on the agenda was to decide on which souvenirs their company would make. Lots of ideas flew between the team members, with anything from badges and bookmarks to robots and teapots up for consideration.  The pupils became designers and there was much creativity in evidence in every classroom as they drew their ideas onto paper. However they couldn’t just rely on their creativity to make their businesses work. The teams also had to consider their resources and how much it would cost to make their souvenirs. They only had a limited budget, so they needed to work collaboratively to ensure they had the resources they needed to make the best possible souvenirs, but at the right cost. A visit to the ‘resources shop’ would then show if they had worked out their sums correctly! The finance director in the team was still a busy person. They had to consider how much they could charge for their souvenirs based on their quality. Could they then sell enough of them to earn more money than they had spent on resources, and therefore make a profit? The classrooms then got extremely busy as the production lines went into action in each team. The pupils loved turning their designs into products and did a very good job of making sure they followed their original ideas through. Each team also had to remember to include their company logo on their souvenirs.  With this identified on their products they could then work on a slogan because a slogan is a powerful marketing tool for any company and would help them sell their souvenirs. The teams finally had to test their presentation skills and present their ideas to the class and judges. Who had the most creative souvenir designs, the best slogan or logo, and who had made the greatest team effort? The best companies from each class were able to share their presentations at the end of the day at a special whole school assembly. The items on sale included catalogues, badges, bracelets, hats and postcards amongst many others, and the presentations in themselves were very imaginative and included a drama (from Year 6) as well as a rap! It was a wonderful end to the day and the pupils did an amazing job of creating and running a business in one day. Here are some more photos from the day.

charlie and nina

darcey yr1             savo and naranjan             rakeem             yr5 b             y1bates a             yr4 b             yr6 d               066             084             091             101             127                     128                     126                         113             130             132             143               emmies class maryam             jalal maryam             muniba maryam             savo maryam             shopping list maryam             souvenirs maryam             yadaphon group maryam             yadaphon maryam 2             year 2 maryam             yr 5 presentation maryam             yr 5 shop maryam                           yr 6 souvenirs

Year 5 at Oliver Wyman

20140613-Oliver-WymanOn 13th June pupils from Year 5 visited management consultancy Oliver Wyman where they were challenged to turn around a failing airline with another primary school. You can read more about their day if you click here.

Year 5 Pupils at General Electric

Year 5 pupils visited global business General Electric Capital at Hammersmith on the 23rd May to learn more about how important presenting is in the workplace and to continue to develop their challenge skills. The challenge this time was to research, create ideas for and design a new work bag for the employees of General Electric. Enabling Enterprise have written a report about the trip which you can read about here.

Year 5 Pupils Build Bridges at BT

Recently Year 5 travelled to the BT offices located next to St Paul’s cathedral. They took on an exciting construction challenge for the day to expand their enterprise skills in conjunction with another primary school. The challenge of the day was to build a bridge from newspaper to fulfil certain criteria; it had to be as tall as the chair, strong enough to hold a phone, and it had to have an exciting theme. After listening carefully to expert advice from their engineer BT volunteers, and sharing ideas with their team mates the pupils got busy designing their bridges.The bridges would be judged at the end of the day following each team’s presentation of their designs. The students knew they needed to work together well and come up with excellent designs and their collaborative skills were much in evidence during the session. IMG_1390             IMG_1392             IMG_1395               IMG_1396               IMG_1398             IMG_1402             IMG_1404               IMG_1406             IMG_1409             IMG_1411

West Hill Goes Intergalactic!

Our most recent project involved the whole of Key Stage One and Two and took place on 20th March. The pupils were set a mammoth challenge! Earth had to be evacuated and an entire new colony had to be created on the moon! To succeed in this challenge, teams needed to take on the roles of recruiters, designers, architects and advertising executives. Pupils explored a range of jobs and professions before having to select their crew members to help them establish a new society. They could only choose four; should a builder be chosen ahead of an artist? Would they need a doctor in their new colony? The teams had to decide which skills (and personalities) were the most important but time limits meant they had to make their decisions fast! Pupils learnt that animals would be important for their new colony. They provide food, protection, transport, warmth and companionship so now our colonists had to turn into designers and come up with a new species which would support their society. There were some amazing designs, and intelligent ideas were much in evidence. Some animals could breathe fire to provide warmth, but also had humps to store and supply water. Planning what their new colonies would look like and what buildings would be needed was a tricky task for the teams. They only had a budget of £10m to spend and some of the buildings cost £3m each. Would the new colony need both a fire station and a hospital? Could they possibly afford a sports stadium and a place of worship? What about a dam to provide water and power? Pupils had to work collaboratively to come to some difficult decisions. Next step was to design and build their new societies based on their previous decisions. Some teams drew these out very effectively whilst other groups built their cities with 3D structures to illustrate their designs. The day culminated with the best team in each class presenting their designs at the Intergalactic Trade Fair. This was another opportunity to show off more skills – this time as advertising executives. One team rapped their presentation which proved very popular with the audience! West Hill were very fortunate to be visited during the day by Gabrielle de Wardener, Culture and CSR Director of Aimia, a global leader in loyalty and data management, best know here for the Nectar Card scheme. She was blown away by the enthusiasm of the pupils and thought the school was amazing. It was an incredible day and the children learnt a great deal about working as a team, sharing their ideas, working in collaboration with each other, being leaders and aiming high. Enabling Enterprise have also written about the day. Click here to see and read more about it. Year 2 pupils decided who should be part of their crew.   109               And had their own passports for the journey.   103                     Year 3 showed their animal designs to the class and explained how they would help the new societies.   126             In Year 2 they did this with the help of Miss Bate   123             Year 6 discussing what their new colony would look like   094             Year 4 putting their ideas down on paper   119             Year 1 starting their colony designs   134             Year 6 working on their designs   120               131             A Year 5 team’s finished design   128               The construction phase   138               137             inter galactic rulers new colony               Teamwork was vitally important during the day and good teamwork made the challenge a lot of fun too.   118                 Year 6 organised a very successful car wash project last summer.  The children worked in teams and pitched to members of staff for business. In year 5 the children organised a mini marathon run for the rest of the school to take part in.  They planned and executed their marathon brilliantly putting their enterprising skills to good use. Please follow this link to find out more about Enabling Enterprise: http://enablingenterprise.org/ Please click here to read the Enabling Enterprise report on a visit to London Business School in November, which our pupils were lucky enough to take part in. Year 6 pupils were also very fortunate to go to Freshfields in November to learn all about working in the law, whilst setting up a snack shop for all the hard workers there. Please click here to read all about it. In February, Year 5 visited Societe Generale in Richmond to work on their Enabling Enterprise project within a real work environment, using and building on their collaborative, team building and problem solving skills. Here are some of our photos below. IMG_0128                 IMG_0118             IMG_0129             As part of Enabling Enterprise, in February Year 3 planned a trip to a local Pizza Express to learn how to make pizzas. This was in order to give them inspiration for their project this term which is to make and sell recipe books.   IMG_0963                     IMG_0969               IMG_0978                 Year 2 have been working on their profit margins by choosing products and prices for their cafe, making sure that they made a profit on each item.   Profit.pdf                   Year 4 spent a lesson persuading their audience to buy various books by presenting them using actions, song, and persuasive language.

Presenting Horrible Histories

Presenting Horrible Histories with song

Presenting Gangsta Granny using persuasive language and actions

Presenting Gangsta Granny using persuasive language and actions

Presenting their book using acting skills and persuasive language

Presenting their book using acting skills and persuasive language

A lively book presentation using persuasive language.

A lively book presentation using persuasive language.

Presenting their book using persuasive language.

Presenting their book using persuasive language.