Core Subjects


At West Hill English has a high priority within the timetable. Teaching staff work hard to ensure all children develop excellent literacy skills as they are the key to children succeeding in so many other areas of the curriculum.
All children are taught English every day and experience a wide range of speaking and listening activities and opportunities for reading and writing to develop their communication skills.  Spelling and Grammar are taught explicitly at each age range.


Phonics is an important and enjoyable part of our English teaching and we follow the Read Write Inc scheme.   Time is set aside each day specifically to teach reading and all children read with their teacher at least weekly.  All teachers regularly read aloud to their classes to encourage them to read for information as well as pleasure.

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Reading and Writing

We are a Talk for Writing school. We want to help all our children develop into thoughtful readers and creative writers and it is through the Talk for Writing approach that we believe we can achieve this. Through its multi-sensory and interactive teaching it enables children of all ages and abilities to learn to write a wide range of story/text types using various methods including:

  • listening to and learning texts and stories;
  • taking part in drama and role-play;
  • drawing and story mapping;
  • collecting words and language strategies
  • building their working knowledge of grammar.

Talk for Writing is powerful because it enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it and then writing their own version.  It build on three stages of teaching:

1) Imitation – the children learn a text and the language they need

2) Innovation – the children adapt the model text with ideas of their own

3) Independent application - the children create their own text using the language and skills that the model taught them.

Talk for Writing was developed by literacy specialist and writer Pie Corbett who promoted creativity in the classroom and has experience as a teacher, headteacher and OFSTED inspector. You can find out all about the scheme by clicking on the logo below:

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At West Hill there is a daily mathematics lesson for all children. Lessons include whole class, group and individual work. Mental maths and problem solving are an important part of every lesson.  Learning through a clear progression of mental and written methods, children develop understanding and the skills to carry out calculations independently. Children are encouraged to discuss their methods of working, ideas and reasoning and share their expertise with others.

Children in Years 5 and 6 are supported by the Deputy Headteacher, who teaches groups of children who need targeted support to enable them to achieve their full potential.

We ask parents to take an active part in their children’s mathematical development and encourage parents to support their children with activities undertaken at home.

We want children at West Hill to become confident problem solvers who enjoy the challenge of a new investigation.

Maths Policy

BIG maths at West Hill Primary School



We provide investigations that build upon children’s scientific knowledge, and develop their understanding of how science shapes and influences life.  Scientific activities foster curiosity and encourage children to ask questions.  We promote the development of skills, giving all children the opportunity to tackle everyday problems with confidence.  Our science lessons are practical and hands on and we aim to make science an enjoyable part of the curriculum.