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 Key Stage Two

As pupils in Key Stage 2 will be new to French this year, they will all start to learn from a scheme of work called Rigolo. They will be learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and intonation so that they will be able to:

  •  Engage in conversations, read and show understanding of their language
  • Explore patterns and sounds in French through songs and rhymes
  • Read and show understanding
  • Write sentences, expressing their ideas clearly and be able to describe people, places and things
  • Speak clearly in order to express themselves well, describing people, places and things
  • Understand and recognise how to use grammar when reading, writing and speaking.

A more detailed breakdown of each year group’s learning can be found under the menu for Classes on this website.

Supporting their learning at home

There are a number of websites that offer fun games that your children can try at home to support what they are learning at school. Click on the links below to have a go!

softschools number game




language labcartoonito

babelzonedigital dialects