How well are we doing?

Key Stage 2 SATS Results 2018


Our progress in Reading and Maths was significantly above average and in the highest 10% of schools nationally. Our progress in Writing was average and representative of 60% of schools nationally. We were the 6th best school in Wandsworth Borough for progress.

Progress measures, introduced in 2016, are a type of value added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment in Key Stage One. Most schools’ progress are expected to fall between -5 and +5, with the national average being set at 0.

Progress table large


The table below shows the attainment and progress of children at West Hill for 2017-18 in Key Stage 2 SATs compared to the national results. West Hill results overall were 9% better than the national average and 2% better than the average of all Wandsworth Primary Schools.

The date includes 2 children who did not take SATs (4% of the cohort). One had an EHCP and one had a long term illness and was absent from school.

2018 – end of year results
KS2 Attainment (41 pupils) School National KS2 Progress(37 pupils) School National
Reading % at expected 80% 75% Well above national average +3.9 0.0
Reading % at higher level 36% 28%
Reading scaled score average 106.6 105
Writing % at expected 76% 78% Average +1.4 0.0
Writing % at higher level 10% 20%
Maths % at expected 88% 75% Well above national average +3.6 0.0
Maths % at higher level 21% 23%
Maths scaled score average 105.8 104.3
RWM % at expected 73% 64.2%
RWM % at higher level 2% 10%


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